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Postby roscoe » Mon Jul 02, 2018 7:13 pm

...looking further ahead,... in my 100 kwh nissan leaf with V2g trickled charged by free-solar or low cost night-wind-tariff, one will then start work very early to get a charge point hooked up at work and set offer price of 35p+/kwh for helping the countries power needs...
bugger them that need a charge point for charging :)

(...this was a light hearted joke and does not form a statement of intent)

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Postby MMac84 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 6:23 pm

Just came home fuming tonight as I couldn't charge in Inverness town centre while doing my messages. I have a pure EV, secondhand, limited range, and I can't put in a charge point at home because of the lack of oversight of the developer of the estate that I live on (I won't name names at this point). Both the Type 2 chargers at the rapid charge points in the town centre were taken up by PHEVs that sat there for what seemed like ages charging their tiny batteries. I'm sorry to those that have PHEVs, but if you have charge points at home, then please don't use rapid/fast charge points. I wasted a good chunk of my charge driving around to see if the charge points were available as the CYC app was somewhat lagging in real-time info. My time doing messages had to be prolonged by driving further afield to the local hospital to find a free rapid charge point and walk to the nearest shop to get the rest of what I needed.

I have to say, the charging situation in Inverness is ABSOLUTELY DIABOLICAL, especially if you don't have a charge point at home. Even though I've had my EV for less than a year, I am now considering selling it for a used 2018 Leaf which will have more range and dual charge capability so that if someone is using the Type 2 cable, at least I can charge (faster) with DC!

I am trying really hard to reduce my CO2 emissions, as transport emissions take the lions' share of total emissions in Scotland and the UK, FYI. But the state of the charge network and the snail-like pace of the Highland Council could make things go BACKWARDS, not forwards!!! :!:

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Postby mgill » Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:26 pm

Sorry to hear you had trouble charging. Inverness definitely needs more charge points!

If you have an iPhone, could I recommend using our app? It's called WattsUp and it shows live availability of rapid chargers. Might be useful for you! (Android version in development)

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wattsup ... 93858?mt=8

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Postby noahs-dad » Sun Jan 27, 2019 2:56 pm

I don't mince my words with PHEV's either, not sure I have met anyone who is as anti PHEV as I am to be honest. But important to be realistic here, your going to have to get used to it I am afraid. I don't know what the ratio of PHEV's to BEV's is like in Inverness, but it is pretty much an issue for the last few years almost everywhere, and not going away.

While it happens with all cars from ICE, and all types of EV (and even JCB diggers, Caravans and HGV and all sorts), charging spaces being used as parking spaces for hours while not charging is a bug bear, and PHEV's are the worst offenders in my experience.

Someone might suggest a 35p/kWh fees to charge solution to such issues, but there are better solutions. Regardless of proposed solutions, there is no interest in addressing the issue anyway in Scotland, or the wider UK. There are even EV groups/forums around that are biased towards PHEV's. EVAS forum has always been pretty good and sensible (while pragmatic) about PHEV's.

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Postby roscoe » Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:01 pm

Mmac84 if its an older leaf 24kwh and no home charger and I guess 3kw ac charger, I'm amazed you have lasted as long.
True grit and regular PITA with unsurprising frustration.
Something like you note a 2018 leaf would certainly solve your problems and make these type of problems fade away.

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