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Re: Submission to The National

Postby roscoe » Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:10 pm

sounds like your fully immersed in the initial learning cycle, which was fun for me but excruciating for my wife, I expect like her you'll pull through..

been all over place from stoke to wick in my 30kw leaf which is fine, but do like 6.6kw charger and chademo, kinda feel less than 32A shouldn't be sold... possibly an early issue that will fade in future. Today having house charger and in summer can get to work & back 3x means less reliance on public which is fine for me

edinburgh airport does have non-tesla chargers, plus newbridge has Nissan charger, and tbh you are spoiled for doing M8 compared to a few years ago as middle heartlands has slowly acquired a few handy ones, having the knowledge to plan ahead and de-risk comes with experience

sounds like your learning the ropes and putting pen to paper a tad early

congratulations on joining the EV clan

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Re: Submission to The National

Postby roscoe » Sat Jun 16, 2018 1:19 pm

strathclyde park has a fast charger
bellshill depot charger is bonkers/joke
workplace charging has still to take off

home charging is brill for drive/home peeps, flat dwellers still require solution
rapid charging up to say Fort William is very good

ICE'ing and EV blocking chargers I suspect may be your next rank / vol II

humans do get worked up and behave badly in all parking situations, its the way we seem to be..

I subscribe to belief that all chargers should be slightly more expensive than home to reduce local grazing and blocking by EV'ers that could have charged at home at night . . . . .etc etc etc thereby likely to be ready for Ev on longer journeys...

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Re: Submission to The National

Postby noahs-dad » Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:02 am

ZeeZee wrote:I’m now beginning to daydream about giving up nursing and becoming a full time EV activist, WTF is nobody doing anything about the state of Scotland’s charging infrastructure? I can’t get any information; councils are operating under a cloak of secrecy. What happened to transparency, why is it so hard to infiltrate the network of dinosaurs? How does the Scottish Government expect the average Joe or Jane to go EV when faced with no support and opposition at every turn? Forget electric roads when you can’t even have fast charges in every town? Every charger in North Lanarkshire is in a council depot or train station. Nothing in a town centre, a health centre, a hospital, a shopping centre. Nothing designed for people who don’t work for the council or park and ride. Running before you can walk comes to mind. Rant over for now.

I can only imagine what you would have thought of the charging network as little as 2 years ago, or 3 years ago it was nothing less than pretty shocking.

There are some common issues you see where ever your locality is, as well as area specific issues. One of the single biggest and most controversial issues is PHEV's killing the rapid network, and it something people are increasingly speaking about. Shame you didn't mention that in your piece (maybe something for part 2).

You might also be quite well placed to comment on the lack of overall nationwide hospital charging provision for the public. Wider destination (T2) charging in Scotland as a whole is abysmal, even at that stage in the game.

Regarding Council's, while there is the odd very good, interactive, information sharing, and pro-active enthusiastic ones, the rest are pretty much poor. With the crap ones, there is no point doing a FOI request. And I will tell you why from experience. They just hide behind third parties, will say things like the data is held by a third party (such as CYC) and they don't have that information. Or they will find some other opt out loophole that you don't really understand. If your having to try to find out or establish info, or seek evidence via a FOI then that really suggests it is a crap council for electric driving to start with. As you should not have to be doing such things, any decent Council will be more interested and have a decent level of communication.

Driving a BEV, it is in many way a post code lottery.

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Re: Submission to The National

Postby Buzby » Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:20 pm

I have no doubt of your sincerity, however have you calculated the average number of words in a National letter? It is around 50-80. Articles (with photos) make around 200-450. Your piece is around 600% too big for the National - and (say) 300% too big for a specialist publication like Autocar or AutoVolt. As a professional journo, ‘diary’ type only work when the sections are short and punchy, they don’t work well with wide variations in length.

Our EVA newsletter and web presence, however may be able to do it justice without too much editing - have you thought of that?
- Raymond (Glasgow)
EVA Communications

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Re: Submission to The National

Postby Scally » Mon Jun 18, 2018 2:12 pm

Welcome: the first few weeks are a bit scary after which everything becomes clear sailing.
Headed to Edinburgh airport , 3 am.
Disappointment strikes as the other half informs me that the likes of us aren’t welcome there as the airport only has Tesla chargers. Guessing that that the average EV driver in Edinburgh isn’t on the median salary!

Try the nearby Park 'n rides, which are well equipped, or stop off at Falkirk Stadium on the way.

I started 5 years ago when there were about three rapids in Scotland, now that was something else!
General Secretary of the Electric Boat Association, founded in 1984, with members worldwide.

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