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Electric Boats

Postby Scally » Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:45 pm

I've recently joined the Electric Boat Association, a UK wide club that exists to promote electrical boating. My ultimate objective is to purchase a towable rib, trailer, and an electric outboard motor, for exploring Scotlands inland and sheltered lochs, canals and waterways.
Do any of our members own an electric boat, and wish to share any tips or advice?
And would any other people like to form a Scottish EVAS boat-related group, or set up a special sub-forum here for the exclusive discussion of electrical boating matters?
By the way, membership of the EBS confers a number of benefits, so anyone with a serious interest in electric boating might also consider joining them.
General Secretary of the Electric Boat Association, founded in 1984, with members worldwide.

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