Dundee Charging HUB

Discussion of the location and operation of public EV charging infrastructure in Scotland
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Dundee Charging HUB

Postby Chunkybuns » Thu Jul 11, 2019 8:55 am

We were on our way to Edinburgh on Saturday and stopped off at Dundee to charge up the Kona. After we arrived my wife was desperately wanting the loo so we locked the car up and not being from Dundee, initially headed up the hill in the heavy rain before we found out there was a shopping centre at the bottom, so we turned around and headed down the hill to the Westgate.
Once there, we did the necessary, had a coffee then went into a shop to buy a brolly for the trek back in the rain. Headed back up the hill and arrived and only then did I notice the sign at the EXIT of the hub said the maximum stay is 30mins on rapid and there is a £60 charge for overstaying :o
What brainiac decided to put a sign in small typeface, high level and at the exit of a facility advising charges???
We didn't get a ticket, so can only hope there isn't a parking eye system in effect.

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