Zap-Map's statistical breakdown of UK charging

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Zap-Map's statistical breakdown of UK charging

Postby noahs-dad » Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:15 pm

Zap Analysis: Rapid Charging - Zap-Map has taken a look at the UK's rapid charging infrastructure, and given you lucky readers a breakdown of the best performing regions, location types and networks. Read all the statistical goodness here -

As the most populous home nation, England, with more than 1,200 devices, has the lion’s share of these rapid chargers. Next in line is Scotland with around 270, followed by Wales with 40 and 20 in Northern Ireland. However, when looking at the number of rapid chargers available for EV drivers, Scotland is the clear leader with 24 EV drivers for every rapid charger. Then, there is a big gap to Wales with 63 EV drivers per rapid device, with Northern Ireland and England bringing up the rear with 89 and 91 EV drivers per rapid device respectively.

Digging down further by region in England, EV drivers in the South East have the greatest access to rapid charging infrastructure, followed by Greater London and the South West. Between them, these three regions account for 52% of all of England’s rapid devices, and more than 40% of total UK rapid charge points.

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