Contactless payment

Discussion of the location and operation of public EV charging infrastructure in Scotland
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Contactless payment

Postby mgill » Tue Jan 01, 2019 8:51 pm

As we all know, there are very few chargers in Scotland with the ability to accept contactless payments. With free charging and a near CPS monopoly, we've accepted that RFID cards are acceptable for use in Scotland (the arguments would be/are very different in England due to paid charging and the myriad of operators).

It's not particularly visitor friendly though and I find it interesting that we're not clamouring for such a feature on the new evolt rapids being installed (particularly in view of the on-going & seemingly never-ending authorisation problems allegedly related to the CPS back office... I don't remember a time driving an EV when authorisation problems *weren't* an issue!).

So, should Transport Scotland mandate that new rapid chargers must have contactless readers in preparation for paid charging?

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Re: Contactless payment

Postby roscoe » Wed Jan 02, 2019 4:32 pm

failed authorisation aint happened that much really, but it ranks top frustration, working charger, no comms, CPC unable to reset, no whitelist, no ecotricity default to free vend, of course only happens in faraway night time places with little alternatives, blood boiling re livin the dream.

sounds like a decent plan, but cynically , one has heard all the solutions to CPC carryon and it still happens...

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Re: Contactless payment

Postby noahs-dad » Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:11 pm

Isn't the real issue of the comms issues with CYC though, as the network operator. Is it their servers etc?

There are too many of us still driving about in rubbishy low range vehicles (myself included there) for Scotland to start thinking about fee charging. It doesn't work for the old car, low range drivers.

Yes the charging infrastructure sucks, but it always has and we just all bash on with it. The North of England is still free charging on the CYC network, with the public and Council owned charging. The only CYC charging I have been charged for in North England from bottom of Yorkshire upwards, is at the Metro Centre, Gateshead, where I was charged a £1 connection fee on a T2, and that is a recent change.

Not really getting the rush to go for fee charging at the moment. I appreciate that is not the original question, but lets not go encouraging or supporting CYC with their Scottish dream of fee charging (it increases their margins and is of self interest to them). We should let electric driving nature runs it own course and not interfere?

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Re: Contactless payment

Postby ScotstounPele » Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:47 pm

Fee charging is coming on CPS. This has been confirmed by numerous official sources with 2019 often given as the implementation date by TS and partners. See recent announcement by Dumfries/Galloway council for example.

So yes, I would agree contactless card payment should be planned-for immediately. This will particularly benefit visitors to Scotland who do not want the faff of too much pre-registration, whitelisting etc.

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Re: Contactless payment

Postby noahs-dad » Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:06 pm

There is no solid information fee charging is coming. We have all been expecting it for ages (regardless of our differing opinions if the time is right or if it will work well). That fee charging is coming just remaind rumour and speculation, until we have some actual hard confirmation. Perhaps an EVAS post holder has had some conversation and can shed some light on what they are anticipating to happen there? Presumably there has been discussion on this with TS people.

As seen in England also even with the fee charging being introduced there, then the later addition of a £1 connection fee, it does not mean instant fee charging or connection fees will be implemented across the board. It will differ from Council to Council. Some of the smarter Council's here will surely realise a quick buck or cost cutting exercise isn't necessarily the best answer for supporting electric driving.

There are so few CPS road side rapids in Scotland, and it is so unreliable and under supplied, I can't see how it is either viable or helpful to growing BEV driving. Our network is not worth anything more than 15p/kWh. The majority of BEV drivers, seem to be driving under 30kW battery cars too.

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Re: Contactless payment

Postby Scally » Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:07 pm

I've far too many 'just-in-case' cards in my car: I had to get a special wallet to keep them all in.
Some I have used a lot, most have hardly been used at all. Some I had to pre-load with cash online, others are entirely free, and maybe obolete.
So I'm all for contactless credit card activation.
If I felt like a trip to the continent, Ireland or SE England, I'd hate to have to do all the prior research and applications: travel should be spontaneous and fun, not a chore. Same goes for encouraging visitors to Scotland.
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