InstaVolt ... experience/good

Discussion of the location and operation of public EV charging infrastructure in Scotland
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InstaVolt ... experience/good

Postby roscoe » Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:17 pm

Soggy day, needed medium boost to finish the day,..
tried whitburn, leaf on charge, tried, newhouse, leaf on charge
decided to try out Bellshill Instavolt, 35p/kwh heyho, first time tried any these fuel station things

Both rapids free, swipe contactless debit card
Scrolling display clearly informed price 35p/kwh, and hey free today at least,
at end summarised kwh and amount of free vend
all a bit simples, just works

black charger things seem much narrower than the cubey older large units so doesn't encroach on bay area

20mins charge, displayed as 44kw, something like 14kwh under a free-virtual-fiver

No problem, all in kwh rate I guess encourages a fill what you need (depends day/day) rather than what you can get !
Quick Tesco, shop and away. No fancy card or membership or internet page stuff.

Welcome additions to Scottish network, ticks my box, encourages home fill up.

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