Dismay over lack of direction!

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Dismay over lack of direction!

Postby Stiloboy » Wed Oct 02, 2019 3:41 pm

So back in March 2017 members of the ChargePlace Scotland network were invited to a public consultation survey. The results of which were then not shared with those surveyed, but presumably presented to Transport Scotland perhaps EVA Scotland?

At the time there was much discussion on making sure Councils, all of them, and business where possible on the CPS/CYC networks to fair and consistent charging fees and per kWh.

Sad to see that none of this was taken on board, and that the majority have been over ruled by the minority. And now we are in a place where its currently free to public charge in Fife, and Perthshire, but costs 38p to activate and 15p/kWh in Dundee but £1 to activate and 20p/kWh in Edinburgh (at some posts, but others are still free).

I'd be interested to hear what the current EVA Scotland membership numbers are like compared to years previous. Based on the tumbleweed around here I'd guess not much uptake of late, not even when giving away free parking discs.

What a fragmented mess we've made of the UKs most joined up network! :shock:

Of all the folk I speak to about EVs the most often heard barrier now is that the charging networks all seem to be fighting to be the most expensive, complicated or lacking in uk wide charging. Most people seem to want an EV, and while the cost of buying is still one of the biggest barriers the state of infrastructure is really what puts people off.
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Re: Dismay over lack of direction!

Postby Chunkybuns » Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:01 am

I agree. Whilst I've always known charging for charging was coming I always thought it would be gradual and uniform across the country as uptake improved and that the installed chargers would be maintained and/or replaced as the network grew.
I was disappointed to read that Dundee are introducing such a high tarriff, but not too surprised given that they and Perth are a hub en route north.
More worrying is the fact that we drove the Kona to Edinburgh Airport early with the intention of giving it a top up before going on holiday for the week as we were returning early (0100) on the way back and didn't want to have to stop on the way back to Aberdeen or have to dilly dally.
Inglestone P&R charger just wouldn't charge us after four or five attempts. ended up leaving the car with 52% charge and despite keeping my fingers crossed, I couldn't make it back to Aberdeen without stopping at Forfar for a boost. (too impatient and set the cruise control at 74).
Add to this the frustrations of four separate faulty chargrs the following day causing me about an hours delay in picking my wife up, I was not a happy bunny.
I seem to have become kind of immune to rapid charger faults when driving locally since I got the Kona, as I can top it up at work on a Monday and Friday and it pretty much sees me through the entire week. I hate to think the potential impact if a rapid was faulty and I was sitting around 10-15miles range. I'd be goosed in my old Leaf.

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Re: Dismay over lack of direction!

Postby membership » Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:09 pm

Hi Stiloboy,
We weren't given sight of the results either.
The forums here are about to be abandoned for an integrated board on the main website. Should be live before the end of October.
Numbers have more than doubled over the last year, with full membership showing a faster growth rate than Associate.
Our tariff guidance is just guidance, local authorities decide and agree on tariffs by committee. Ultimately it becomes a commercial decision, with our guidance intended to ensure that Charge Point Operators, (there are over 250 on the CPS network) operate at a break even point, including energy costs, maintenance and repair. Without some income, and dependency on same, the network will fall into disrepair as it grows. ELC's tariff will result in a breakeven point, with a small buffer for spares and repairs outside warrant and maintenance cover.
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Re: Dismay over lack of direction!

Postby Scally » Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:23 pm

My view is that we are heading into Chargergeddon: its a fat lot of use providing 1,000 more public-run chargers in Scotland and not ensuring a fair and consistent plan for ongoing maintenance and support.
As an early adopter, I dont mind paying my fair whack: but at this rate of expansion, this is a strategic priority, and the relatively few individual like me cannot be expected to pay any more than our fair share.
The current level of failure is a real deterrent to newbies. Its a shambles. Again.
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