Cynical Dundee

Discussion of the location and operation of public EV charging infrastructure in Scotland
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Cynical Dundee

Postby AlastairC » Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:29 pm

Dundee City Council have just announced that they will start to charge an access fee 38p and 15p/kw to use their charging points. This comes days after commissioning the last of their most recent hubs. They have actively encouraged those living and working in Dundee to switch to EV's, encouraged businesses to switch to EV's and having received in excess of £770,000.00 of Government Grants (Scot Gov Figures) they now charge at a commercial rate to use and charge your vehicle. I pay less than that to charge at home so guess what, I'll be stopping going to Dundee and spending my money in local businesses.

Having listened to guests at Full Charged Live in Dundee state that the free electricity was not sustainable, their only justification was because you have to pay for petrol/diesel. The famous "because that's the way it is" justification. Change requires innovation and requires new thinking not just going on as before. Between Sept 2018 and May 2019, Scotland generated 86% of its electricity from renewables. What most people are ignoring is that there is no input cost to renewable energy but the supply companies are still charging us using a model that is based on fossil fuel electricity generation ie they make a greater profit- because they can and are not being challenged. If travel costs go down disposable income goes up. The biggest outlay for any commuter is the fuel cost, either direct or through public transport. Remove that cost and you remover a driver for higher wages and some of the inflationary pressures on the economy as a whole. Think differently, nothing is in isolation.

Dundee City Council's cynical move is deplorable and purely income generation based. So many people and businesses have been persuaded into investing in EV's, it almost seem like a con as this was clearly the intention all along. So much for the Scottish Government Green credentials.

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Re: Cynical Dundee

Postby Chunkybuns » Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:43 am

Unfortunately it was inevitable that there would have to be charges put in place for public charging. It was useful as an incentive to promote the adoption of EV's but no one could honestly say they expected free charging to go on indefinitely. As long as the revenue being raised is channeled straight back into providing further infrastructure and supporting the maintenance of chargers I don't see it as being an issue.
I do think they could have gone for a softer start, keeping the cost around half of the commercial or domestic rate to enable it to continue to act as a motivator. I also think they could have used it as a carrot with businesses dangling the "free charging" carrot on presentation of a valid receipt from their shop. Maybe expecting something too complicated from DCC.

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Re: Cynical Dundee

Postby ScotstounPele » Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:43 am

On the other hand, I paid £12 earlier this year to charge my 24kWh Leaf overnight in a suburban part of London (Walthamstow) using Polar instant. They charged an hourly rate as well as a cost-per-kWh, and I think there might have been a connection fee too.

I'd have been delihhted with 15p/kWh and 38p startup fee. These are not a million miles from home electricity cost at least during peak periods, and it is probably designed to help the infrastructure break even rather than extract profit.

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